Soon This Community Will Close Its Doors — Read Carefully

Read carefully!

We are almost two years old since this community was born. But today we have news to give you.

Unfortunately it is being difficult to maintain this community. Because of this, we made a decision, either close it completely or continue.

Recognizing that our work is based on market research and not cheap copies of trade signals we want to continue offering the best of the best. But as everyone knows, this community is supported by those who purchase our premium service.

Therefore, and in order not to close this community, we want to offer everyone the possibility of entering our private community for only $99,99 and for lifetime. It is almost as if it were a donation to continue working and operating.

In case you want to acquire this opportunity or make a donation, please write to @rubikkav on Telegram.

If you have to express something about that, please write on the comments below.



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