Online Membership Payments Are Available With These Simple Steps

6 min readMar 8, 2021


For almost two years we have taken the cryptocurrency market to another level of study. And as if that were not enough, in almost a year we have built a good history within that market and other markets that we will soon be exploring.

After the launch of our official platform a few months ago, today we want to present you with a technological advance that will help you a lot to prepare yourself to have the best information on the financial markets, especially including the cryptocurrency market.

Our online membership payments are officially available from today. It is a new door to a new horizon and the unique experience of being a trader, person or investor that you have always asked for. We want you to fulfill your dreams to the fullest, so follow these simple steps to be an official member of the most innovative community.

First Step

If you have already accessed you will notice that on the main page there are new options in the menu. These are: Subscription Plans; Login; and Register. These new options will help you complete the first step.

The option of “Subscription Plans” allows you to know our membership plans and see the details of these, along with their main benefits.

Clicking on that option the following table will appear:

To choose one of our options, just click on one of the options and by doing so you will be redirected to check your subscription. Remembering that the only plan that cannot be purchased multiple times is the “lifetime plan”.

However, when you have added the chosen subscription to the shopping cart, you will realize that it is necessary to have an account registered on our platform. So follow the next step.

Register As A Subscriber

As we had explained in a previous post, the “subscriber” role on our platform guarantees that you can access our basic services and helps us to identify you as a person in our community.

To register as a subscriber, simply fill out the form that appears in the “register” option in the main menu, in case you haven’t done it yet.

The form is made up of basic data that helps us a lot in your identification inside and outside the platform. Additionally and due to privacy policies, your data is safe with us and will never be used for third-party purposes.

This form also makes your life easier when purchasing one of the membership subscriptions. The form also makes your life easier when purchasing one of the membership subscriptions and completing the following steps.

Before having access to our platform, some confirmations are necessary that are sent via email. Just follow the instructions and wait for the official activation of the account as a “subscriber”.

Fulfilling Your Dreams

At the end of the registration and account validation process, you can simply “login” and access the members area that will allow you with the process of acquiring your premium membership.

When the login or access to the platform is concluded successfully, you will be directed to your “dashboard” and you will see that within the options menu there are new options.

Now you are officially able to make the payment or update your current subscription.

A Price To Be Paid

Our premium plans were designed to give you appropriate follow-up as a person, trader or investors and were specially designed and according to the needs of each person.

The premium subscription cannot be seen as a waste of money, but a door to success and which, simply, will help you improve your learning curve within the financial markets.

Being an active subscriber of our platform, you can now go to the subscription plans page, choose the one that suits your needs, goals and dreams and proceed with the payment.

On the subscription details page, click on the “subscribe” button and you will be immediately redirected to the payment form. The same one shown in the following image.

This form we ask you to enter the mandatory data and verify if the chosen option is the correct one. If everything is ok, just click on the “proceed to coinbase” button, and after a few minutes, you will be directed to the page to process your payment automatically using your favorite cryptocurrency.

Click on the cryptocurrency with which you want to pay, go through all the payment processing steps and wait for the network confirmations. When everything is ready, a payment receipt will be sent to your email and also displayed on our platform.

In case you have made a mistake in the plan you wanted to choose, you can easily cancel the payment and choose another better plan for you. At this point, additional collections will not be charged.

Upon completion of the transaction, we will inform you in your email that the payment is in the process of verification and the following receipt will appear on our platform.

Final Path

Some administrative tasks are necessary before becoming official as a premium member. So do not despair, this process is short and will help us to identify you.

This process consists of verifying your data by the main communication media that we have and especially the Telegram platform, where we have our premium trade rooms.

When we have completed the administrative and verification steps, we will inform you via email and telegram of your great welcome to our premium community and being a star subscriber.

Another Thoughts

It is very important to remember that our platform is new and may present problems in any of these steps. For this reason, we strongly ask, if there is a problem in any of these processes, that they be informed to We can immediately get to work to correct the error.

To date, we have decided to implement basic information editing. Therefore, the information provided at the time of registration will be kept permanently. If any alteration is necessary, just inform the support email.

At the time of registration, we ask that the data be real and truthful. Any attempt at bribery or something similar can cause your account to be automatically canceled. So, pay close attention to supplying the information you request.

On the other hand, we are very happy to have you in our family and we hope that together we will build a better, excellent and innovative community.




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