March Results Compilation And Some Important Announcements

8 min readApr 13, 2020


Hello Rubika Ventures subscribers. Through this newsletter, we want to present the official results compilation for the month of March. We recognize that for many it was quite difficult to make a profit and many of the groups had a smaller radius of growth than the previous months. In our case it was nothing different. However, it did not go so badly for us and that is why we are very happy to be able to deliver positive results.

Congratulations to all the premium members and the community in general! 👏🏻

Total Profit So Far: 82.86% — Total Radio: 9.21% — Stop Loss: -56%.

Number Of Winner: 5 — Number Of Loss: 4 — Total Signals: 9 — Margin Type: Cross/10x.

Here the complete report

Remember, these results can change the next days. We are still waiting for some targets to be completed automatically.

Another point is that is and, to clarify, that the total winnings refers to the sum of the total of all the won signals subtracting all the lost signals and the radius is the division of the total winnings obtained by the number of won signals minus the lost ones divided by the total signals. The radio says exactly how much it was in greater proportion as our capital or portfolio grew in the month, for the case of having entered all in our signals.

Cornix Now Supports Binance Futures

We have received the excellent news that Cornix has finally implemented for Binance Futures support. Immediately we got down to the task of carrying out the relevant tests and we are already making the adjustments prior to our premium and free trading room.

Within these adjustments we are considering leaving support for some exchanges between those Bybit and Derebit. The settings for each exchange is generating some disorders. That is why we would like to know your opinion about it in the comments, we would be very grateful indeed.

With the above we want to remind you that we are participating in the Binance Futures tournament. We invite you to join the Rubika Ventures team in this link:

🥳Good Luck For Every One! If you don’t have an account you can register here

A Little Re-Branding To Improve

Many are already beginning to perceive that we are in a period of change. It has been more than 6 months since this idea was born and it is time to improve our products. Based on that, we are publishing our small re-brand in the producers offered on Telegram.

What is it about? We will continue to be Rubika Ventures, as a research and education center for financial markets, but we will call our main product “Rubikav®”. That is why all the telegram, free and paid channels had that small alteration.

That is the reason why we are giving a new face to our free Telegram channel, going from the name “Rubika Ventures®☀️” to “Rubikav®☀️ Insider”. Our goal with this was to give you a better search impression of our products on Telegram and a better visualization of what we really want for all of you.

Rubikav®☀️ Insider” is and will be the answer to the primary needs of investors, big players, crypto-passionate, new researchers and etc, it will be the space where you will find important information about financial markets. And we are not only talking about cryptocurrencies, because starting today we want to announce something important.

Rubikav®☀️ Insider

Rubika Ventures through Rubikav®☀️ Insider, and starting today, we will begin to bring technical and fundamental analysis ideas to other financial markets. We talk about these: ETFs, Forex Market, CFDs and others. We are really preparing for the future.

For the moment and weekly we will be providing you with follow-up ideas on some important assets, such as gold, crude oil, SP & 500, EUR/USD, and among others, creating a study to correlate with Bitcoin. This is helping us a lot to understand the moments of the markets after the great fall in prices caused by the quarantine that was decreed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

We have to remind our subscribers that our primary objective through our services is to earn as much as possible while still managing risk. For this reason, we must clarify that the trading signals we offer are important, but market studies are the real need of today’s investors.

Unfortunately with the liquidity market in the cryptocurrency market, the game changed and now more than ever we need to be more studious. That is why we study first, we reaffirm our certainty, we execute our strategy and this is how we obtain the maximum possible. We can now say and complementing the above that we are akin to a research laboratory.

With the above, we want to clarify that the other communication channels will remain with the user of @rubikaventures.

Premium Services Upgrade

After carrying out a small internal investigation, we have concluded that the subscription that most people consume is subscriptions for a period of 6 months, one year and lifetime.

For this reason and as of today we are completely eliminating the monthly and quarterly plan. However, as we have already made clear and seeing the needs of the investors, we may in the future only leave the annual plan and lifetime, but we are still studying.

Know that the premium services were designed to generate groups of special people to whom we will be offering all our love, affection, commitment and dedication towards the goal of generating optimal results.

For the date then, we have decided to increase the subscription feed for a reasonable and very honest price for your pocket.

This paid incentive represents for us a source of business growth to better our services and offer other services that will facilitate your life as a trader, spend more time with your family, have fewer losses and concerns with your trading operations and thus reap your financial goals and dreams.

Pre Halving Promotion Classmate

Starting today and until April 30, we will open the entries for more a team of winning traders. Until that date we will be with 10 lifetime premium registrations for the value of the annual plan. That’s it! For the lifetime plan you will only pay 0.075 BTC.

With your subscription, you will have the opportunity to receive:

  • A private Telegram channel called “Rubikav® Premium🔅Insider”, where we will be sharing our monitoring of market assets and fundamental and technical analysis. We say markets, because in addition to following Bitcoin as the main asset, we also want to offer studies for Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Forex Market, CDFs, ETFs, news and important reports for a better understanding of the real situation of the markets. The importance of market research is very clear to us.
  • A Private Telegram Channel called “Rubikav® Premium🤖Trading Room”, to obtain the best trading signals for the assets of Binance, Binance Futures, Bittrex, Huobi.Pro, Derebit and Bybit, all automating through the Cornix Auto Trading Bot service. In the future we will be opening for other markets. We want to focus mainly on the futures and options market and our allocation percentage is from 20% to 40% in Altcoins and from 50% to 60% for the future markets and options market.
  • Another educational and academic private Telegram channel called “Rubikav® Premium 📈(Academy Center)” where we share trading ideas, techniques, tips, books, third party opinions and trading guides. It is an entire library, unique and exclusive for premium subscribers, because, we recognize how important the technical and financial education is. For us it is essential quality rather than quantity and within this, education is a factor that cannot be missing in the trader’s life.
  • And the opportunity to belong to the premium group called “Rubikav®☀️ Premium Community” to have all the support, ask questions and solve particular portfolio management problems.

For those who have the greatest interest in being part of this exclusive team and take this unique opportunity, just send the payment to this Bitcoin address 17EVmMbLBgFZ7LUGgtoirtXDEKBror8suf.

After payment, please send the TxHash Id to our email or to the support account at telegram @rubikaventuresc

All our technical and fundamental analyzes consider the theories of: Gann, Elliot, Fibonacci, important indicators, analysis of supports and resistances, and geometric and mathematical theory. We use multidimensional fundamental and technical analysis as a basis. Premium subscribers always receive all this information first. The information that is shared on our premium channels is not always shared on our free communication channels.

See Some Feedback

See some feedback of the participants of our last contest 👇🏻

Above all, we want to offer you our excellence, transparency, responsibility and many of the important values that make us different. But above all, we want to be a space for you to feel good and calm.

See you in the next story! With love 💛 Rubika Ventures Team!

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