Ethereum Struggles To Secure Its Best Price While Bitcoin Tries To Break Death Cross Resistance

5 min readFeb 20, 2023


In this case, Etherum Price (ETH) passes 1,700 dollars, a level that it has not been able to sustain in recent days; After the transition from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS), Ethereum’s annual issuance rate has been reduced to negative 0.057%, according to statistics 158 days after The Merge. The metrics indicate that more ethereum tokens have been removed than issued, and if the chain were still under PoW consensus, 1,823,678 ether would have been minted to date; Bitcoin remains in a bull run trying to break the support of the weekly death cross; and other news.

Ethereum’s Negative Annual Issuance

Statistics from the analytics website show that the Ethereum network is deflationary these days. More than 1.023 million ether is removed from circulation annually, according to metrics following the London hard fork’s implementation of EIP-1559. Since the transition from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) known as The Merge, the current annual issuance rate is negative 0.057% or -29,797 ether.

Data shows that more Ethereum (ETH) is currently being removed from circulation than is being issued. If Ethereum were still using PoW, the issuance rate would increase by about 3.49% annually. As of 10:30 a.m. (ET) on Feb. 20, 2023, data indicates that 1,823,678 ethereum tokens would have been added to the number of coins in circulation under PoW consensus. As of 10:55 a.m. (ET) on the same day, approximately 120,491,331 ethereum (ETH) tokens are in circulation.

At that same time, 16,763,815 ether is locked into the Beacon chain contract, and when the Shanghai update occurs in March, many of those coins could be released from their locked state. The locked ether represents $28.61 billion of the second-largest cryptocurrency’s $205.77 billion market valuation, or 13.91% of the circulating supply and market value. According to statistics from, Ethereum’s current annual issuance rewards are 4.1%, and the burn rate for non-stakers is 1.8% per year.

Represents A Significant Price Level

Ethereum (ETH) price is struggling to consolidate above $1,700. This Monday, February 20, is the fifth consecutive day that Etherum has passed that level, but in the previous days it has not been able to close above said price.

As of this writing, ETH is trading at just $1,708, on TradingView records . The highest level in recent days was recorded on February 16, when it reached $1,742 per unit .

However, on that occasion the daily candle closed in the red, below $1,640 . The same has happened on the other days, with ETH being unable to stay above the $1,700 barrier at the end of the day.

At the moment, he is achieving it this Monday. That price mark is an important barrier, taking into account that that level was lost 5 months ago. On September 13, its price fell from there to not return, until a few days ago.

As it was reported by the end of January ETH had managed to consolidate a new price level above $1,500 . In addition, various bullish signs already supported the rise of the cryptocurrency from that moment.

So far this year, the entire cryptocurrency market has been bullish and very promising. In addition to ETH, bitcoin has risen almost 50% this 2023 and went to its best price in 6 months.

In addition, there are already at least 30 cryptocurrencies in the top 100 that have doubled in price today. A list that was barely 17 coins a few days ago. In that list there are even some outstanding trends, such as the case of cryptocurrencies related to artificial intelligence or Stacks case and its relationship with the NFT Ordinals in Bitcoin.

Critical Channel With High Demand

The breakout (on a weekly basis) for Bitcoin to reach $27894.21 is actually at $25059.88 and $25199.99.

The death cross, that is: crossing the EMA200 with the EMA50; It was executed exactly the last week of January with a weekly closing on January 30.

If there was a channel opening at that death crossing, that is, an accumulation channel between the prices of $24,788.24 and well above $25,001.94, Bitcoin could reach the next level and very close to $27,894.85; with resistance at the Bolliger upper band crossing at $27,992.48 and the EMA100 at $27,795.11.

It is a critical period, where the intelligent observe the upcoming closures; but mitigating that with the great accumulation of demand exposed by the Ichimoku cloud cumulus, a bullfight can be unleashed in a public square and with a tendency to liquidate blindly.

Asia-Based Stablecoin Demand Remains

Traders should refer to the USD Coin premium to measure the demand for cryptocurrency in Asia. The index measures the difference between China-based peer-to-peer stablecoin trades and the U.S. dollar.

Excessive cryptocurrency buying demand can pressure the indicator above fair value at 104%. On the other hand, the stablecoin’s market offer is flooded during bearish markets, causing a 4% or higher discount.

Currently, the USDC premium stands at 2.7%, which is flat versus the previous week on Feb. 13 and indicates modest demand for stablecoin buying in Asia. However, the positive indicator shows that retail traders were not frightened by the recent newsflow or Bitcoin’s rejection at $25,000.

Futures Premium Shows Bullish Momentum

Retail traders usually avoid quarterly futures due to their price difference from spot markets. Meanwhile, professional traders prefer these instruments because they prevent the fluctuation of funding rates in a perpetual futures contract.

The two-month futures annualized premium should trade between +4% and +8% in healthy markets to cover costs and associated risks. Thus, when the futures trade below this range, it shows a lack of confidence from leverage buyers. This is typically a bearish indicator.

Chart shows bullish momentum, as the Bitcoin futures premium broke above the 4% neutral threshold on Feb. 16. This movement represents a return to a neutral-to-bullish sentiment that prevailed until early February. As a result, it’s clear that pro traders are becoming more comfortable with Bitcoin trading above $24,000.

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