Decisions To Make For The Main Cryptocurrency Market Assets

For this month of November, the cryptocurrency market began with an approximate totalization of the market very close to 2.735T, and creating a breakdown of the maximum total accumulation of capital traded in the previous months.

Confusing Hillside

In that order of ideas, we know that many crypto investors are confused with the uncertain path that the market will take and mainly what will happen with Bitcoin.

Very Profitable Projection

In the past article, we recommend accumulating Ethereum between $ 3800 and $ 5000 for the long term. Today we have a very positive price projection and towards $ 6000 approximately. One touch of our 0.25 Gann resistance.

Unstoppable Results

Officially the results of the trade operations of our premium community for the month of October can be checked at

Don’t Let This Community Die

A few days ago we announced that we are about to close our doors for some financial reasons. Actually maintaining the community requires the support of some paid tools that allow us to provide you with valuable information so that you can make excellent decisions with your investments.

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