Decisions To Make For The Main Cryptocurrency Market Assets

4 min readNov 3, 2021


For this month of November, the cryptocurrency market began with an approximate totalization of the market very close to 2.735T, and creating a breakdown of the maximum total accumulation of capital traded in the previous months.

A real increase in market volume well above its historical maximum can indicate a very positive signal for those who want to resume their short, medium and long-term investments. A good injected volume means a great investment interest.

Confusing Hillside

In that order of ideas, we know that many crypto investors are confused with the uncertain path that the market will take and mainly what will happen with Bitcoin.

We see it clearly. Monthly there is a high convergence with the beginning of Elliot wave 3 but with a low divergence in the most indicators. It’s confusing, right?

It’s true. It confuses. But, we must clarify that in most cases, Bitcoin in the long term is overbought and with intuition of a possible trend reversal and in favor of the sellers.

We can summarize all of the above in that Bitcoin, and following the monthly parameters, could seek to touch $ 69592.11 and exactly at our point drawn from the 0.6 Fibonacci conversion line, the so-called gold resistance.

The breaking of that resistance could give us an exact bullish confirmation for the next few months. However, we see an overbought asset and with mixed indicators that do not converge to the same line of thought.

It should also be remembered, that with the launch of investment funds (ETFs), many big players will look for a price control slope to be able to buy cheap before breaking new highs. Therefore our recommendation is to accumulate a few, but without exaggeration.

Very Profitable Projection

In the past article, we recommend accumulating Ethereum between $ 3800 and $ 5000 for the long term. Today we have a very positive price projection and towards $ 6000 approximately. One touch of our 0.25 Gann resistance.

Ethereum in the long term is shown as a first strong asset on the market. Indicators follow the primary trend without overloading towards the overbought zone.

This indicates that investors are beginning to see this asset as a commodity where they can place large capital investments and as a second option to diversify their portfolios.

The possibility has not yet been ruled out that due to the problems it has faced with the latest network updates that many lose interest. Anyway, for now it shows strong compared to other options.

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