Cryptocurrency Market Analysis Report Compilation


Theory Of Chaos — A Representative Image

1. Surprises can come when we least expect them

SEC Commissioner Episode 121

1.2. From a joke a great idea or a collective fear may arise

Some News About The Market
Binance Research: Bitcoin Rally With Safe-Haven Assets During Trump’s Tariff Storm

1.3. But what is the real feeling of the community for the last days?

Crypto Fear & Greed Index

2. Total Market Cap, Dominance & Network Highlights

2.1. Total Market Cap & Dominance

Total Market Cap & Dominance Chart

2.2. Network Highlights By Coinmetrics

Bitcoin Realized Cap & Media Fees Chart

3. About Technical Analysis

3.1. By Month

Bitcoin Monthly Chart

3.2. By Week & Day

Bitcoin Weekly Chart
Bitcoin Daily Chart

4. Conclusions




The New Wall Street Journal In The World

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The New Wall Street Journal In The World

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