Crypto Rubika Market Analysis Report Compilation — Low Volatility

The wind may be still, but the birds are flying in their direction


  • Total Market Cap & Dominance
  • Bitcoin Technical Analysis — Something curious
  • Conclusions

Some important news and stats to follow

📈 (a) The blockchain industry will be trillionaire until 2030

Annual Growth Rate — Garther Report 2017

According to the report made by and related in, Business Value-Add of Blockchain will Exceed $3.1 Trillion until 2030 and it will grow to slightly more than $176 billion by 2025.

In another hand, 39 percent of $500 million or more in annual revenue businesses had budgets of over $5 million set for blockchain projects

How Blockchain Went From Bitcoin To Big Business

📈(b) Blockchain Solutions Leading to $15.9 Billion Market Around 2023

Top Use Based On 5 Year CAGR (2018–2023)

Worldwide Semiannual Blockchain Spending Guide from International Data Corporation (IDC) new update report shows that worldwide spending on blockchain solutions is forecast to be nearly $15.9 billion until 2023.

📈 (c) VeChain Moves Into China’s $3.9 Billion Wine Imports Industry

VeChain NFC Tag

According to the announcement and reported by, Penfolds Bin-407 bottles are now available at three locations, tagged and powered by VeChainThor, which connects blockchain technology with real-world infrastructure such as IoT.

👉🏻In line with the above, (a), (b), (c) show us the massive adoption of blockchain technology for the coming years and most importantly its performance in the most relevant industries.

Total Market Cap

Total Market Cap Chart — Datalight

The report made by shows that over the weekend, total market capitalization dropped from ~$305 billion to ~$296.3 billion. 24-hour volume was ~$50 billion. Bitcoin Dominance 68.60%.

Bitcoin Technical Analysis — Something curious

Sk3w Furures Report & Chart

Looking to this, they said us that the most investors are waiting for the new institutions positions as explained in the previous history. But also and by a intuition way, the SEC decision about two important ETFs in the next week.

About the cherry cake

Bitcoin Daily Chart

Looking at the daily and weekly chart we can realize that the price is looking for the EMA21 in that wave correction.

Bitcoin Weekly Chart

Analyzing the purchase and sale volumes we can notice the low volatility mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

And having a clear vision, it is still necessary to break the low trend line positioned in the last tops and leave that region bounded by the symmetrical triangle. In general, critical price points are forming. Who knows in the coming weeks or even days we have some surprises.


  • Adoption is inevitable. Many industries are already seeing the great potential that blockchain technology represents to optimize processes and generate a better audit.
  • In general, the market has a low volatility of negotiations.
  • Bitcoin, the red dragon, only shows signs of a small correction and most investors are waiting for the next decisions by the kings of the game.

Disclaimer: In no way does this article recommend the purchase of any assets, this is a personal opinion of the author. Investment in crypto-currency is extremely risky and volatile. Also, if you are an investor, always do your own research before investing in anything!

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