Crypto Rubika Market Analysis Report Compilation — Low Volatility


Some important news and stats to follow

📈 (a) The blockchain industry will be trillionaire until 2030

Annual Growth Rate — Garther Report 2017
How Blockchain Went From Bitcoin To Big Business

📈(b) Blockchain Solutions Leading to $15.9 Billion Market Around 2023

Top Use Based On 5 Year CAGR (2018–2023)

📈 (c) VeChain Moves Into China’s $3.9 Billion Wine Imports Industry

VeChain NFC Tag

Total Market Cap

Total Market Cap Chart — Datalight

Bitcoin Technical Analysis — Something curious

Sk3w Furures Report & Chart

About the cherry cake

Bitcoin Daily Chart
Bitcoin Weekly Chart





The New Wall Street Journal In The World

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The New Wall Street Journal In The World

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