Binance Could Overcome All Exchange In The World

5 min readOct 3, 2019

The purpose of this article is not to provide you with a guide on how to use Binance to do your trade operations. We want to inform you of the latest statistics and news that were reported by Binance before this week ends.

Therefore the following lines could give you a better vision because most people in the world are preferring this platform to carry out their investment operations. So take note.

Market Pair as Fact Number One

After HitBTC, Binance is the exchange with the highest currency pairs.

Currently and according to coinmarketcap, this exchange has around 553 market, and the trading volume reported in recent days has exceeded more than $4.837 million.

But of course, the second is better than the first, we have no doubt about that.

However, the fact that we want to highlight is that Binance US Liquidity surpasses gemini exchange as related altcoin-magazine and as cz_binance says in twitter.

Institutions Could Be Targeted

It is worth highlighting a personal theory about future contracts.

We know that before the Bakkt launched the negotiation of future Bitcoin contracts, Binance had launched its futures platform much earlier. Well suspicious, don’t you think so, do you?

But what we want to reach is that after its launch, the 24-hour trading volume of Binance’s futures markets was seen to have crossed 30,500 BTC (over $250 MM)as related coingape and Binance Twitter.

With this news, other institutions could consider using this platform for their commercial purposes.

In another hand, the last thing we know about Binance Us is that it is extending its operations to Puerto Rico as reported sludgefeed. Expansion and growth, then, could be seen as the second fact.

The Best Developed Ecosystem

Binance’s business concept is very different from the others financial supplier. Binance is not simply a trading platform, it is an ecosystem.

It was surprising that after the emergence of this idea, other exchanges began to implement the same concept.

We are talking exactly about paying the operating fees with the platform’s native token. Which was a success. Quickly, Binance community grew rapidly from a few years here.

Binance Is Considering Adopting SegWit

Now Binance is considering adopting the SegWit Support as related beincrypto.

According to, SegWit payments now account for over 50 percent of all transactions occurring on the Bitcoin network.

SegWit promotes greater blockchain efficiency while allowing new deposit address generation that increases user privacy. When a user repeatedly uses the same address for something, linking total balances to that individual becomes much easier, related beincrypto.

Binance Academy To Understand The Market

But what we most want to highlight about the Binance ecosystem is the high concern for the education of its investors and for the study of the markets.

And we say markets, because in their studies we see the interest of comparing traditional markets with the cryptocurrency market.

Being an integrated ecosystem would be another important fact to highlight for this company. A fact that we personally want to conquer in our team.

Aggressive Marketing and Partnerships

While Binance and Polychain Are Funding a Crypto-Friendly Bank in Malta as reported coindesk, we have to say that what Binance really knows more is marketing.

From the design of the brand to its own campaigns, Binance takes great care of how it propagates information. If you don’t believe us, try to predict how many answers the CEO Twitter Account will get in a second. It really is amazing.

The foregoing would then be the last highlight. And with that we leave you the list of the latest announcements made during the week.

Lesson Learned During This Time

With everything seen here we can say that Binance will continue to stand out and do the best for his community.

On our part, what we hope is that it surpasses Bitmex in the negotiation of future contracts.

We know that Bitmex is still a leader in the derivative trade although there are other alternatives.

Anyway, the previous platform still maintains problems in times of high volatility and we believe that it is mainly that Binance wants to avoid. The famous “order submitted error”. 😂.

See you in the next story. With Love 💛, Rubikators Team.

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