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We are almost two years old since this community was born. But today we have news to give you.

Unfortunately it is being difficult to maintain this community. Because of this, we made a decision, either close it completely or continue.

Recognizing that our work is based on…

It was surprising to see how the speculative news of the approval of the first exchange traded fund (ETF) made Bitcoin radically break the resistance of $ 60,000.

In the midst of this heat of buyers and big players placing their positions at stake, we want to recommend some options…

The cryptocurrency market for this last period of the year begins with a total capitalization of approximately $ 2,185 T. With a recovery of approximately 80% of the outgoing volume and after the last correction that took place in the middle of this year.

Consequently, there is a dominance of…

As related criptonoticias, The first update of the Ethereum 2.0 Beacon Chain network, called Altair, is already dated. This will be given on October 27, 2021, at the time 74240 of the network. …

As many know, approximately in November of this year will be the activation of the new Bitcoin update. According to some sources, the update named Taproot, is a proposed Bitcoin protocol upgrade that can be deployed as a forward-compatible soft fork.

By combining the Schnorr signature scheme with MAST (Merklized…

After two consecutive months of being within the bearish parameters of the market and without being able to place a weight on the table, we have been able to obtain good results in the month of August.

Here are the opportunities that gave us the most profit during the month.

Our weekly analysis of Bitcoin shows signs of a primary reversal in search of what appears to be wave 5. There is an initial crossover of the MACD moving averages with other indicators following the trend.

The possibility of touching the support marked by the EMA100 at 25912.72 is not ruled out.

Know that we have still been very silent these last days, we believe it’s pertinent that weekly, we indicate the news that is important to watch.

As described by Investing, it appears that the Federal Reserve’s comment that interest rate hikes could come earlier than expected will determine market sentiment…

Investing says that Investors trying to gauge the threat of inflation will closely follow Thursday’s US consumer price data amid concerns that rising inflation could prompt the Federal Reserve to begin withdrawing stimulus.

It seems likely that meme stocks will continue to attract investors’ attention following the ups and downs…


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