As many know, approximately in November of this year will be the activation of the new Bitcoin update. According to some sources, the update named Taproot, is a proposed Bitcoin protocol upgrade that can be deployed as a forward-compatible soft fork.

By combining the Schnorr signature scheme with MAST (Merklized Alternative Script Tree) and a new scripting language called Tapscript, Taproot will expand Bitcoin’s smart contract flexibility, while offering more privacy by letting users mask complex smart contracts as a regular bitcoin transaction.

For this reason, we want to prepare for this event with error-free analysis for this main asset…

After two consecutive months of being within the bearish parameters of the market and without being able to place a weight on the table, we have been able to obtain good results in the month of August.

Here are the opportunities that gave us the most profit during the month.

Our weekly analysis of Bitcoin shows signs of a primary reversal in search of what appears to be wave 5. There is an initial crossover of the MACD moving averages with other indicators following the trend.

The possibility of touching the support marked by the EMA100 at 25912.72 is not ruled out.

According to coinmetrics, crypto markets dropped again this past week after more news of Chinese regulation, including the PBOC telling the country’s major financial institutions to stop facilitating cryptocurrency transactions and a Huobi derivatives ban. The markets have now been in decline for almost seven weeks following the start of the crash on May 12th.

However, even with a lack of interest by many big players in the massive intention to buy, and as we have said, on-chain indicators are showing what technical indicators cannot. …

Know that we have still been very silent these last days, we believe it’s pertinent that weekly, we indicate the news that is important to watch.

As described by Investing, it appears that the Federal Reserve’s comment that interest rate hikes could come earlier than expected will determine market sentiment this week and probably the next few months as market participants take in the sharp change in stance in their guidance on monetary policy.

As a result, the focus will be on Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s appearance before Congress on Tuesday, as well as statements from several other Fed officials…

Investing says that Investors trying to gauge the threat of inflation will closely follow Thursday’s US consumer price data amid concerns that rising inflation could prompt the Federal Reserve to begin withdrawing stimulus.

It seems likely that meme stocks will continue to attract investors’ attention following the ups and downs of the past week. Markets will also be keeping a close eye on the progress of President Joe Biden’s $ 1.7 trillion infrastructure plan, which has already boosted the industrial and materials sectors this year.

The European Central Bank (ECB) will meet on Thursday and could discuss reducing stimulus. Also…

Many researchers and big players have noticed that lately, the market has been very quiet. Not because the previous aspect is something negative but something that makes us think that we are about to reach the end.

However, and as a summary, we want to have what is really happening with the two main cryptocurrencies on the market in their various scenarios.

To begin with, we have Bitcoin going on a meaningless side road for some but boring for others. …

As written by CriptoNoticias, an analysis of the price of bitcoin together with the evolution of its volatility, shows that it has been following a decreasing trend in the last decade. From highs near or above 100% in the bull cycles of 2011 and 2013, bitcoin’s volatility is currently below 10%, according to data from analyst Willy Woo.

This decrease in bitcoin volatility would be improving the perception of bitcoin in the face of institutional investors, according to a communication sent by the US bank JPMorgan to its clients, commented on by CriptoNoticias on April 4.

The volatility of bitcoin…

The last week of April is planned with some surprises. Among these, the negative correction of more than 20% loss for the market; negative sentiment and low interest on the part of the big players; recovery and improvement of problems in China; price fluctuation towards the breakdown of important supports, but with a good opportunity for cheap buyback; and above all, a supposed ergonomics that would make a speedy recovery possible for the market.

Therefore, dear friend of ours, for the next few weeks, it is important that you take note of the following fundamentalist factors. …

What happened? The ship sank? Out of nowhere prices fell? We know that you are the main ones asking what is going on in the head of each one of you.

But do not worry, according to the latest news, what caused the fall in the prices of most cryptocurrencies was due to an interruption of the electricity supply in the province of Xinjiang in China, which began on Thursday, April 15 due to security inspections, and with it, the Bitcoin hash rate decreased this Saturday by 40% to levels below 110 EH/s.


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